Zein Bertacchi, a passionate and gourmet cook who is often seen as the chief volunteer at the food counter during chess tournaments won a ” Best Cook” Award at the Beit Sitti Kitchen in Amman, Jordan. Zein is a Microbiologist who works at Good Shepherd Hospital in Infection Control. Through her passion and talent for cooking she has helped Chess Without Borders raise over $70,000 by selling, organizing and preparing food at Chess Tournaments along with other volunteers. Zein was one of the founders of the philanthropic movement for the chess program since its inception in 2003 when Rishi Sethi invited her to help raise funds for various charities around the world while students played in chess tournaments.Through the creative use of  her talent and spirit of service she has inspired many young students and parent volunteers to join in this venture enabling the organization to win awards.

Zein is affectionately called the “Falafel Lady” by students and their parents because of the delicious Falafels she serves at the tournaments.

Above is a picture of Zein on the left seen receiving her award from Maria Haddad at the Beit Sitti restaurant in Amman, Jordan.

Zein and many of the volunteers are featured in the Documentary ” A Future for Meher” that was entered in the Emmy Awards last year.

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