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Chess Without Borders is saddened by the premature death of a chess family member, Margo Bradley Clark. She was a pillar of support to the non profit and a dedicated volunteer. Margo helped establish the chess program with her rare qualities of intelligence, ability to put others first and hard work. She was always ready to embrace diversity in all its various forms from ideas, cultures and various socioeconomic groups.

Margo exhibited an amazing combination of virtues such as generosity, kindness, humility, flexibility and humor. She exercised these qualities in her mentorship of students who served and are serving in the Presidential Youth Service program at Chess Without Borders. From helping develop the chess program in 2003 to organizing youth leaders, hosting students from abroad, to supporting unique projects and being a permanent volunteer at chess tournaments Margo’s loss will be felt immensely by all who came in contact with her.

Chess Without Borders will establish a Margo Clark Center for Innovation where youth will be given support to start small social entrepreneurial companies. Youth leaders will use their talents and hard work to create and develop projects that serve others in any area they feel they can excel. The impact of their investment will be measured in the quality of the work, time they invest, the people they serve and the innovation they apply to the project. The youth leaders will be recognised for their initiative through collaboration with national awards programs and by Chess Without Borders.

Margo leaves behind a devoted husband Jeffery Clark, children Jack, Jane and Matthew and an entire community who are all grieving but ready to establish a center where her work and unique human qualities will be remembered.

The following  students have formed social entrepreneurial companies in honor of Margo Clark that will carry her mission. Adult Mentors will be GM Shulman, Dr Kiran Frey, Rishi Sethi and Zein Bertacchi.

1. Chess United

CEO Ethan Gagliano


2. The Music and Dance Company

CEO Sahitya and President Sanjaya Maheshwaram


3. Chess Tutors

CEO Prathik Kandimalla and President Arnav Batta

Raised over $300 through tutoring chess and math


4. A Greener Tomorrow

CEO Dunya Diyadawagamage and Yuneth Wijenayake


5. Vishals Workshop

CEO Vishal Ahuja


6. Art Expressions

CEO Ayushi Shah and President Aryan Shah


7. Cultural Adventures

CEO Eleanore van Marjwik Kooy


8.  Next Step Tutoring Company

CEO Stevan Zhu

9 .Music Without Borders

CEO and PresidentPranav and Prashant Ramachandran

10. Service

President and CEO Jowell and Bremen Moy

11. Environmental  Watch

CEO Sienna and President Amaya Sulkin

12. Margo Clark Enterprises

A service company with Jack Bradley as CEO and Jane Bradley as President


October 2017



Welcome to the world of entrepreneurs. We try to create a winning combination of learning chess with service and philanthropy.

This newsletter serves to keep you updated on all the opportunities available for our students to excel at any level. We welcome any budding social entrepreneur to create projects that make a difference in this world.

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Barrington Hills resident and Gourmet cook, Zein Bertacchi along the non-profit Chess Without Borders has donated almost $104,000 to various local and global charities. One of the ways this remarkable feat was possible was through food. Through her enthusiasm and talent for cooking Zein Bertacchi was able to convert hundreds of youth into social entrepreneurs. Under her leadership youth learned to play host as they helped to cook, serve, clean and create an atmosphere of excitement by doing things for others.

Zein Bertacchi is a Microbiologist by professional and she will be at Countryside School serving homemade Middle Eastern food at the Countryside School Chess Tournament. 100% of the proceeds of the tournament will be donated to a charity for the Chicago Chess Center whose members are trying to bring chess education to the public.

You can help by playing in the tournament on the 17th of May at Countryside School or by joining us for a meal that day anytime from 10 am to 3 pm.

For information go to:


Rima and Zein seen here preparing fresh food at the 6th Annual Hough School Tournament that raised over $7000 to charity this year.

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