History of Chess in Barrington


Here is a short history of chess in the Barrington area.


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1998 – 2000


  • In 1998 Rishi Seth, a fourth-grader who has just won a national chess tournament, asks Dr. Cindy Kalogeropolous if he can start a chess club at the Grove Avenue School where she is Principal.  The Grove Avenue Chess club is born, beginning a chess newsletter as well as playing chess and volunteering to teach chess.
  • Rishi observed that his fellow club members enjoyed learning about the history and geography of chess and so he introduced Grandmaster Presentations every week for each student. Soon students began relishing the leadership through public speaking. Rishi realized that the adult parents and grandparent helpers loved learning chess. So soon afterwards he asked the Nursing Home Director (Mr Richard Rimkus) across the street from his school if his chess club could come and teach chess after school. A relationship is established and 50 youth volunteers teach and interact with residents at the Nursing Home. Students raise $500 for chess sets for Grove.
  • Rishi establishes a chess education program combining it with service and philanthropy.


  • Rishi Sethi asks his teacher Mr Marc Moeller if he can start a chess club at his middle school. Rishi launches a chess club at Prairie Middle School.   Parents and chess students continue the activities started at Grove Avenue School, playing, teaching chess and continuing to volunteer at a local nursing home where an elderly talented chess player is found.
  • An active summer volunteer program is formed where middle school and elementary students continue to interact with residents at the home. Rishi direct over 50 students in this program. Local chess players begin competing in chess tournaments in the Chicago and nearby cities.


  • A beginners’ chess tournament is held at Whole Foods grocery store in Barrington. Rishi Sethi asks the store to donate money and space for the tournament. Money from tournament buys chess sets for Barrington. 50 students compete at this tournament and 20 volunteers including grandparents, VP of Whole Foods and students help out. $500 raised for chess sets.
  • In the summer of 2002 Rishi and his grandfather volunteer to teach chess at the South East Asia Refuge Center in Chicago to children who are new immigrants and speak little English. His sister was a volunteer teacher for the summer at the center and she invited Rishi and his Grandpa to teach chess to her students.
  • In August 2002, the Governors Park Nursing Home Chess Tournament is held in Barrington, money and space donated by the nursing home. Fifteen chess students volunteer with Rishi at the Tournament where 50 students compete.
  • In November 2002, the Sherman Hospital Chess Tournament is held, money and space donated by the Elgin hospital. $ 1000 donated for the new BHS Chess Club from money raised at the tournament. Rishi and ten fellow chess players act as assistant Tournament Directors. BHS teacher Mr Condren and 10 parents volunteer as well.


  • Feb 2003, the first Barrington High School Chess Tournament is held. 70 students compete at the tournament with Rishi as a tournament director and 10 parents and 10 students helping. $1000 raised for the BHS chess club.
  • In April 2003, Rishi Sethi, now a Barrington High School student, is certified as a Tournament Director for the US Chess Foundation.
  • In May 2003, the first grandmaster simultaneous chess match is held at Barrington High School, 50 students challenging GM Pavel Blatny from the Czech Republic. $ 400 donated to buy chess sets for underprivileged schools after paying for expenses. 20 parents and students volunteer to host this historic event.
  • May 2003, Rishi Sethi and other chess friends serve as Tournament Director for a chess tournament at Grove Avenue School. Chess Players and Rishi occasionally volunteered at his old school in order to help with any problems in the club. 10 parents volunteer too.
  • In the summer of 2003, 20 chess students volunteer at Governors Park Nursing Home
  •  August 2003 another tournament is held at the nursing home. $700 raised from the tournament donated for chess clubs for needy schools.
  • During summer, 2003, a chess art exhibit is held in collaboration between the Barrington Area Art Council and the BHS Chess Club.
  • In November 2003, the Heifer International Chess Tournament is held, several chess students volunteer at this event and the money collected donated to charity. ($1500 donated) twenty community members and 10 students volunteer.



  • 5 chess sets worth $60 are secured for donation to the Spina Bifida Foundation with the idea of promoting chess among children in wheelchairs.
  • 2004 The BHS Chess Club publishes a chess newspaper, “The Chess Revolution,” Logan Fry and Rishi Sethi are editors under the guidance of Teacher Jeff Doles.
  • In January 2004, the BHS Chess Club secures a donation of 20 chess sets (cost $400) for children in the Marshall Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, with the purpose of starting a chess club there in the local school, this being done through a program run by Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and the BHS Chess Club. (Donation of 240$ given by Mr Stevan Yacktman and $ 200 from Alexian Brothers Hospital Network.) Nina Sethi, a volunteer through Dartmouth College runs the club.
  • In January 2004, another International Grand Master Yury Shulman originally from Belarus, is persuaded by Rishi Sethi to come to BHS, once again to hold a simultaneous chess match against 50 chess students, the chess club donating a portion of the entry fees to a local charity Citizens for Conservation in Barrington. ($ 100 donated)


  • BHS Chess Club organized Countryside Elementary School chess club in Barrington, 10 high school students volunteer as teachers and serve as role models for the elementary students. Parents including fathers help out at the club. Rishi organizes the curriculum.


  • BHS Chess Club initiated a “Learn and Earn” program where chess students are paid to teach chess in the local schools
  • Barrington High School Chess team is the Mid Suburban League Champion.


  • Rishi invites GM Shulman to visit the Countryside Chess Club, which has 72 members.


  • Countryside chess tournament is held, with Rishi Sethi and Patrick Lacey as tournament directors and several students and parents volunteer at the event.   $2000 raised for the club.
  • In June 2004, Grandmaster Yury Shulman is invited to Countryside where a blind chess match is held between Mr. Shulman and two Countryside students.


  •   GM Shulman organizes The Grandmaster Chess Camp at BHS, and the BHS Chess Club and GM Yury Shulman donate $150 to the International Charity, Food Resource Bank.
  • Rishi Sethi from BHS wins 9th place at the US Junior Open Chess Tournament in Kansas.


  • 2 high school students, Patrick Lacey and Rishi Sethi, receive a Presidential Service Award for their volunteer work in the community for promoting chess. They were awarded medals for volunteering over 100 hours for chess related activities every year.
  • Mrs Karen Armstrong, a community leader supporting the chess program, donates an outdoor chess table to Grove Avenue Elementary School. Work done by Bertacchi Builders at cost for the school and chess program. Total cost approximately 1200$ donated by sponsors.


  • 4 chess sets worth $48 are donated to the Elgin Crisis Center, and a chess program is started there. Rishi and his friend David Kniesel volunteer to teach and explain the rules.
  • Alexian Hospital Network Chess Tournament is held at Alexian Hospital, with two high school boys as tournament directors, six high school chess students training to become directors during the tournament, and a portion of the entry fees donated to the local Adult Literacy Program. ($ 100 donated)


  • Local businessman, Mr. Camacho hears of the Barrington Chess Club combining philanthropy with learning and invites the BHS Chess Club to teach chess at an orphanage in Mexico.


  • Countryside Chess Club has six high school students volunteer as chess coaches. Parents volunteered to help the student coaches.



  • BHS chess team wins the MSL championship for the second year in a row.
  • 2nd Countryside Chess Tournament is held. Seven fathers act as assistant tournament directors for High School Chess Students.$ 1000 donated from Countryside Chess Program to Countryside school for an outdoor chess table for handicapped students who can play chess in wheelchairs during recess. 10 students volunteer with Rishi as Tournament Director.


BHS chess team wins ninth place in the Illinois State Tournament in Peoria amongst 125 teams.

  • From March 19 through March 25, 2005, 10 members of the BHS chess club and 10 parents participate in a Spring Mission Trip to the Don Bosco Orphanage in Leon, Mexico. Chess club raised $4000 for airfare and hotel expenses. 100 chess sets donated to the orphanage and students volunteer to do a exhibition match for the local Rotary Club. $700 donated for wheelchairs for handicapped kids.


  • Countryside Chess Club donates money raised by service for a meal and chess club to the Warne Baby Fold, an orphanage in India. ($ 150 donated.)


  • BHS Mission Trip Chess Tournament is held, & $700 is donated to the Don Bosco Orphanage in Leon, Mexico. Rotary Club of Barrington, Harris Bank and Alexian Brothers Hospital Network donated money in order to make this trip possible.


  • For the second year an International Chess Camp was held at Barrington High School from June 20 to 25, 2005. A donation of $150  was made to the Adult Literacy Center in Barrington.
  • Cary Chess Club donates 5 $ from every clock sold to Citizens for Conservation. Total of $15 donated to CFC
  • GM Yury Shulman will relocate his “ Yury Shulman International Chess School” from New York to Barrington. This will ensure continuity of the chess programs, which have been prospering in Barrington. From 1998 the number of students participating in chess programs rose from two to over 300 students approximately.
  • Global Outreach Program is launched where any chess student or a community member can donate a few chess sets to an impoverished school anywhere in the world to start a chess school. Stephan Wulff a BHS alum was given 10 chess sets worth $120 to start a chess club for American Indians in a remote area in Chile in June 2005.
  • June 2005 Barrington Chess Mexican Trip is featured in the National Chess Magazine called “ Chess Life.


  • 2005 BHS students win national tournaments. Rishi Sethi wins 1st place at the Western Open in Milwakee, Ben Wang and Elliot Wu win at the Chicago Open. Each of these 3 students wins prize money.


  • BHS member Rishi Sethi donates a chess set worth $12 to the Head Forest ranger Mr. Mohammed Abdullah at the National Orangutan Forest Preserve in Borneo for developing their chess skills. Mr. Abdullah said chess was popular amongst the rangers as it kept them mentally stimulated and helped them learn independently.
  • BHS student Rishi Sethi wins 6th place in the highest division at the National Chess Tournament for juniors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • BARRINGTON CHESS PROGRAM IS THE WINNER OF THE GOVERNOR’S AWARD FOR 2005. Over 10,000 hours of volunteering done by 300 volunteers.
  • The 2nd Alexian Brothers Hospital Chess Tournament held. 60 chess students competed in the tournament with 10 students volunteering as assistant tournament directors. 100 $ donated to the Food Resource bank benefiting World Hunger. BHS student Rishi Sethi was the Head Tournament Director with BHS Chess Club students volunteering as Assistant TD’s.
  • GM Shulman volunteers with Rishi Sethi and other chess students for teacher John Buky in Lloyd School in Chicago.


Total Donations since 1999                                                                        $17,035

 Total Volunteer Hours                                                                                     10,000


  • Yury Shulman Simultaneous Tournament held at BHS to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. All proceeds went to the American Red Cross. $ 100 donated.
  • District 220 Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High School begin chess programs with GM Shulman.


  • Grandmaster Shulman joined his students to continue the tradition of volunteering. He volunteered 9 to 12 on Sat Oct 1st at Lloyd School in Chicago. District 220 students and Lloyd school will work together to develop a relationship through chess.
  • David Jewell and Grandma Jewell launch a book drive for Lloyd School in Chicago. David Jewell, a 4th Grader from Dist 220 chess club and his grandmother attended the Sat Chess Program at Lloyd School and David was shocked to learn that his new friends at Lloyd have no books at home. David returned to Barrington and served as an ambassador for a book drive collecting books for every student at Lloyd School.


  • Mr Jeff Doles and 9 other students are hosted for an awards banquet at Springfield where the Barrington Chess Program is the finalist for the Governor’s award. The Judges gave the program full marks for its combination of education with social and global programs.
  • Nov 19th a Grandmaster’s Cup Chess Tournament is held at BHS and 30 students from Lloyd School in Chicago was invited with all expenses paid to play in the tournament. Alexian Brothers Hospital Network, Bertacchi Builders and Nexus Office Systems donated money for trophies. $ 1000 donated from chess clubs for transportation and entry fee for Lloyd students to play in Barrington.


  • GM Shulman competes in the World Chess Championships held in Siberia, Russia. He took 16th place and the chess community was thrilled to see their teacher do so well in Siberia.
  • Dec 10th 2005. Barrington Chess Program and GM Yury Shulman deliver 1500 books to each student at Lloyd School through the book drive conducted by David Jewell and his Grandma.
  • Ms Cotton, Chess Coach from the South side in Chicago hears about our program and she brings her students to Lloyd School to meet GM Shulman.
  • BHS student Rishi Sethi wins the North American Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas in Dec 2005.
  • BHS Chess Team is the MSL Champion for the 3rd year.
  • BHS Chess Team places 8th at Illinois State Chess Championship out of 125 teams.
  • BJ Armstrong of the former Chicago Bulls joins Barrington Chess as a volunteer to host the BJ Armstrong Yury Shulman Chess Tournament. Metcalfe Students from Chicago will be guests at the tournament. Donation of 100$ made to SOTEC in India.
  • A book drive is launched by Barrington Chess Clubs to collect gently used books for Metcalfe students. Students from each elementary school take on leadership roles to begin collecting books.

Total Donation 1999 to 2005                                                                        $18,135           




  • The Daily Herald Sunday Newspaper has a headline featuring GM Shulman and Chess. The article is enclosed with documents provided for review.
  • Roslyn School enlists High School volunteers to introduce chess. GM Shulman volunteers with his students at Roslyn School.


  • Barrington Area Library invites GM Shulman and Barrington Chess to organize a chess program in partnership with the library.


GM Shulman becomes Vice Champion of US at the US Chess Championship held in San Diego. The chess community held their breath as they watched their teacher lose the last championship match.


Yury Shulman BJ Armstrong Chess Tournament held at BHS. Over 120 students participated. $ 160 donated to buy chess sets for an Native American Reservation in N. Dakota

  • Rishi Sethi, a junior at BHS is invited to play in the Denker Tournament for HS Champions. The top 15 HS Chess players compete to be the Illinois nominee for the national Tournament.
  • GM Shulman is awarded a President’s Volunteer Award for his volunteer work of over 100 hours last year with his students.
  • Women’s US Chess Champion , GM Anna Zatonski visits North Barrington Elementary School.


  •  Grove Avenue Tournament held for District 220 Elementary School. $ 100 donated to Adult Literacy Program.
  • GM Shulman is selected to be the Coach for the US Women’s Chess Team at the Olympics in Italy to be held May 2006.


  •  Fifteen District 220 chess students and 5 parents with GM Shulman visit Metcalfe School to deliver 2000 books and learn chess together. 10 students and 4 parents volunteer.
  • June 18th – 25th 2006 Summer Chess Camp held at BHS with 4 Grandmasters teaching at the camp. Donation of approximately $200 donation made in form of chess sets and chess lessons made to the Warne Orphanage in Bareilly, India from proceeds of the camp. 2 students were awarded scholarships to study free of charge at the camp.
  • June 25th 2006 to July 17th 2006 chess volunteers under the leadership of Rishi Sethi established a chess program at the Warne Babyfold in Bareilly, India. Chess sets and chess lessons were provided by donations from Bathhaus, a local business in Barrington and the Yury Shulman Chess School. A meal was also provided to the residents of the orphanage on the 15th of July. 10 volunteers provided over 100 hours of service to the orphanage. $ 200 donated.


  •  Barrington Chess clubs are featured in a National Chess and Education Workshop at the USCF in Oak Brook, Il
  • BHS Students participate in the US National Chess Tournament in Oak Brook, Il
  • GM Shulman is the winner of the US Open Chess Tournament.
  • CPS requests a presentation of the Barrington Chess Program at 3 schools in Chicago on Sept 15th 2006. GM Shulman and 10 volunteers spend time teaching in the Chicago Schools.


GM Shulman and 10 chess students volunteer at the Grove Carnival on Sept 17th.

 Oct 2006

Book Drive started for Avondale School in Chicago.

  • BARRINGTON CHESS PROGRAM AND YURY SHULMAN CHESS SCHOOL WIN THE GOVERNOR’S AWARD FOR 2006. Over 20,000 hours of documented volunteer hours done by 500 diverse group of volunteers.

 Nov 2006

  • Countryside School Chess Tournament held on the 9th of Nov. A portion of the profits benefits Asha – a non-profit program for children of slums in Delhi, India and money given for support of families from Woodland school. $ 200 donated to Asha.
  • Nov 10th Yury Shulman and Alex Onishuk visit Avondale School to deliver 1000’s of books collected over 4 months from chess clubs.
  • Barrington Area Library Family chess program introduces GM Shulman to the Barrington community on Nov 12th 2006. GM Shulman and Rishi Sethi volunteer to teach chess to area families. $ 100 worth of chess sets donated for the library chess program.

Dec 2006

Barrington Chess and Yury Shulman purchase a sheep from Heifer for a donation to a family in need. $ 500 donated for a sheep from Heifer.

Yury Shulman Chess School donated chess seta to each elementary, middle and high school library at District 220 as well as at Quest and Elgin Academy Schools. ($200)

TOTAL DONATIONS                                                                                    $29,335


 Jan 2007

  • Yury Shulman Chess School introduces a program at Sunny Hill Elementary School sponsored by Rose and Countryside Schools and Harris Bank. $ 1000 donated to launch a chess club at Sunny Hill School.
  • Rotary Club of Leon purchased 2 children’s wheelchairs with money raised from chess matches by Barrington Chess students held in downtown Leon last year. ($ 750 approx)
  • Chess Coach Program launched for students who have been attending the Yury Shulman School for a year. This will serve to reinforce learning as students teach neighbors and senior citizens in their neighborhoods.

Feb 2007

 BHS Chess Team is MSL Champion for the 4th year in a row.

  • Lead article in JAMA Cognitive Benefits of Chess: A groundbreaking study completed by Penn State researchers reports that intense cognitive exercises like chess can help Seniors maintain higher levels of cognition and function better in their daily lives. It is the lead article in Neurology Today (www.neurotodayonline.com).
  • Book drive for Pablo Casals Elementary located at 3501 West Potomac Avenue, Chicago, IL 60651. Student Leaders assigned at each school for collecting books.
  • BHS Chess Team students Rishi Sethi takes 1st place individual trophy and Zac Kasiurak takes 8th place at High School State Tournament. Feb 2007
  • Indykids a National Children’s newspaper invites GM Shulman students to contribute their games and comments for a regular chess column.

March 2007

 Chess Volunteer trip to Berlin scheduled for spring break at Neukoelln School in East Berlin, which serves underprivileged immigrants and delinquent German boys. The chess group will teach chess daily every morning in the chess club at the school under the direction of James Redfield a Fulbright Scholar.

 April 2007

  •  Chess program honored by Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, which selected Rishi Sethi as the top innovative High School, volunteer for Illinois 2007.
  • US News and World Report selected Rishi Sethi as its 10,000 $ recipient for a scholarship based on his academic work, community service and the chess program.

May 2007

  •  GM Shulman competes in the US Championship. Chess students in Barrington watch anxiously as their coach plays in the tournament.
  • Half Price Book Store features a chess photography exhibit with students from Yury Shulman Chess School. The store hears about our book drive and donates 3 boxes of books for Pablo Casals School


  •  North Barrington Chess Tournament held. A portion of the proceeds benefit FISH a local non profit in Barrington which helps families in need. ($100)
  • Book Drive visit to Pablo Casals School. 10 students volunteer to deliver books and teach chess with GM Shulman. Kristin Sheyka from Countryside is the speaker at the assembly.
  • Chess Camp held at BHS. A portion of the profits donated to Youth Services in Washington DC, which is an Alternative School for special needs children. ($100)
  • Scholarships provided to needy students worth $1000


  • Chess sets donated to Siem Reap High School in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Curriculum and lessons will be provided through the Rotary Club in Ipoh, Malaysia. ($100)

September 2007

Chess exhibition held by chess volunteers and GM Shulman at Grove Carnival in Sept. Grant Wagner and other chess students volunteer with GM Shulman.

Chess Photography Exhibit held at Akina’s Restaurant in Elgin.

October 2007

Project Leaders Jack and Joe Schmidt volunteer to raise funds to bring chess to Sudan. Barrington residents visiting Sudan in Feb of 2008 will deliver the chess sets. ($100 donated in chess sets)


January 2008

Kasi and Obe Nkechi delivered chess sets donated through Yury Shulman Chess School to a school in Nigeria to set up a chess program there. $30 donated

BHS Chess Team members are MSL Champions for the 5th straight year in a row.

The Yury Shulman Chess School has made the gift of a goat to Heifer, an international charity on behalf of students and volunteers. ($100)

World Champion Anatoly Karpov’s visit to District 220 Rose elementary school arranged for Jan 11th 2008.

Karpov has problems getting into the country so the Jan 11th event is held with Women’s World Champion Susan Polgar and is an enormous success with 58 players competing. Proceeds from food and beverages benefited the Women’s Cooperative in the Dominican Republic. $ 100 donated in cash but ALL the Grandmasters including World Woman’s Champion, GM Alex Onishuk and GM Shulman donate time along with 15 students.

February 2008

Sunny Hill Elementary School chess club begins Feb 21st 08. This was made possible from a portion of the proceeds of the textbook and efforts of the volunteers. Donation of $250 donation made by Arlington Lexus for Sunny Hill is matched by Yury Shulman Chess School to bring a chess program to Sunny Hill School.

TOTAL DONATIONS MADE                                                                        $31,865

Families donated chess textbooks for Metcalfe Chess Club and a School in Malaysia. Proceeds from the book support a weekly chess lesson for 2 special needs players. ($100)

Dr Thomas Uiijeva donates $ 200 for chess textbooks to be distributed to needy schools.

March 2008

World famous researcher Dr Jane Goodall honors youth service programs from The Yury Shulman Chess Without Borders by inviting them to a special reception to the Botanical Gardens to congratulate them for their humanitarian work.

Rishi Sethi is a Finalist for the Harris Wofford Award.

Project Leaders Jack and Joe Schmidt volunteer to raise funds to bring chess to Sudan. Barrington residents visiting Sudan in Feb of 2008 will deliver the chess sets.

April 2008

GM Shulman is invited by the Dartmouth Chess Team to host a tournament at Dartmouth College in NH

Lines School Chess Tournament held. $ 100 donated to the Crisis Center in Elgin, Il

 May 2008

GM Shulman wins the 2008 US Championship

 June 2008

GM Shulman, 10 Chess Students and some parents volunteer to teach chess at South Elgin Rebabilitation Center in Elgin, Il. A chess set was donated to a resident who will continue to teach other residents. $15

 Grandmaster Chess Camp held at BHS. A portion of the proceeds from the camp will be used for donations of chess sets to rehabilitation centers and educational programs locally and around the world. ($100)

Scholarships worth $1000 provided to needy gifted students.

July 2008

 Chess Without Borders sponsored the Berlin Metropolitan Yury Shulman Chess Tournament at the Berlin Metropolitan School in Berlin, Germany with a portion of the proceeds from the June chess camp. Pictures available on www.shulmanchess.com

July Summer Chess Camp held at BHS. $ 100 donated to local animal shelter.

 August 2008

 Chess without Borders delegation invited to the UN Youth Assembly. Four students attend the Youth UN Assembly in NY.

 September 20th 2008

 St Matthew’s Chess Tournament held in Hawthorn Woods.

$ 500 donated to Comfort Dog Charity that uses a dog as therapy for families in need.

$ 100 donated to Michael and Joseph Foundation, which provide transitional housing for families in need.

Board meeting held.

 TOTAL DONATION                                                                                    $33,880

 October 2008

 Donation of textbook and chess sets worth $100 to Amararaja Vidhyalam School in Tirupati, India. This is a school for children of factory workers. Total donation $ 100

Donation of textbook and chess sets to school for children raised in Govindpura slum in New Delhi, India. Total donation $ 50

 November 2008

Ryan Vranek earned a Certified Chess Coach Award. He is the leader for a Project where he teaches chess at Plymouth Place, a Senior Living facility in LaGrange, and has donated chess sets for some of the residents to practice chess during the week.

December 2008

 Hough Street School chess club donates $ 200 to Govindpura Slum Chess Club in India.

Varun Putcha from Quest Academy donates $ 100 for donating the chess textbook and chess sets to needy schools where he will establish chess clubs with his grandparents while on vacation.

TOTAL DONATION                                                                                    $34,330


 Jan 2009

District 220 alum Nina Sethi requests help for medical treatment for Meher, a 4 year old girl living in Govindpuri slums where the chess clubs have donated chess supplies to start a chess club. Meher was severely burned and is disfigured as well as unable to use her hands from contractures, which developed following her burns.

 Feb 7th 2009

 Roslyn School Chess Tournament raised $1500 for Meher. Aleyra Medispa, Bertacchi Builders, Wool Street Grill, Checkmate Chess Supplies and Hough Street Chess Club donate $2000 for her treatment. Total amount raised is $3650, which was donated to Project Why for Meher’s surgery.

Dr Khazanchi, a plastic surgeon in India hears about the fundraising work of chess clubs and he is inspired to volunteer his services too. He will operate on Meher to correct her deformities.

Drs Sethi, Mr Brian Gruber and Teacher Maggie Gruber travel to India to visit Meher and arrange details for her medical treatment. Brian Gruber will record a documentary of the unusual humanitarian efforts of the chess clubs. Several chess sets and clocks are donated to the Govindpuri slum chess club worth $500.

BHS Chess Team wins 5th place at the Illinois State tournament.

Zack Kasiurak is the State Champion.

March 2009

Berlin Metropolitan School donates 700 euro for Meher’s surgery and joins Chess without Borders in the Project for helping Meher.

 April 2009

GM Shulman is invited to be a host at Supernationals in Nashville, Tennesesse.

Chess Life magazine publishes a review of the textbook Chess! Lessons From a Grandmaster

GM Shulman and Chess Without Borders win $500 from Y1039 for their humanitarian work.

 Quest Chess Tournament held at Quest Academy.

Chess without Borders donates food to the Food Pantry in Barrington.

May 2009

Hough School Chess Tournament successful with $3372.30 donated to project Why for Meher’s surgery and Rehabilitation.

Jane Goodall honors CWB by sharing information about the program at the Chicago Botanical gardens

 A Community member donated $25 towards the project. Totaling the donation from Barrington to $7047.30.

Chess Without Borders wins $500 for the Unsung Hero Award

 June 2009

Barrington High School International Chess Camp attracts world class Grandmasters who teach 70 students. Donation made to a local school, Grove Avenue Carnival ($50)

Chess set donated to local Barrington Coffee Shop. Value $20

 July 2009

BHS Chess camp held for 70 students. Scholarships worth $1000 given to gifted students from the Warren Chess program.

Chess Without Borders partnered with Barrington Farmers Market to host an information session in July

August 2009

CWB students donated books to the Larkin Center in Elgin.  Project Leader was Marjorie Browne and she will be contacting her school in the coming year to gather more donations for the Larkin Center, which is home to mentally, physically and sexually abused children.

September 2009

Roslyn Chess Club hosts Bishop Atem from Sudan who will be starting a chess club at a community center in Southern Sudan.

Chess Without Borders donated another textbook, a Teaching Demo Chess Board and chess sets for the chess center. Total value worth about $100

St Matthews Chess tournament held at St Matthew’s Church in Hawthorn Woods. $400 donated to St Matthew’s Church towards providing an elevator for handicapped visitors. Money from food sales was donated to the Boys Scouts Troop. Over 10 volunteers helped to make this tournament a success including Joan Eickelberg who volunteers on a wheel chair.

Welcome to Mr Ed Tan a recent University of Michigan Graduate student who will be volunteering with CWB.

$1000 donated to Omprakash Foundation from textbook sales for our project for Meher’s surgery.

Oct 2009


Yury Shulman’s Chess Without Borders is selected as the top 40 Finalists for the Chicago Innovation Award.

Gm Shulman and Rishi Sethi are invited to a reception at the Innovation Center in Chicago to honor the Nominees.



Donated 500 books to the veterans program collected through Chess Without Borders.

TOTAL DONATIONS                                                                                    $45,750

Nov 2009

 A local individual for the MacArthur Grant nominates CWB because he was impressed with the organization after meeting CWB representatives at the Innovation Awards in September.

 Grove Avenue Chess Tournament is held and $ 180 donated to chess center in Sudan and $150 donated for Meher’s last surgery.

Chess Without Borders team from St Matthews Lutheran Chess Club wins 1st place in the Youth Nationals in Oak Brook, Il

 Dec 2009

 GM Shulman as part of the 5 members US Team wins a silver medal at the World Team Championships in Turkey.

 Volunteer Appreciation party held at GM Shulman’s home.

Board meeting held

 Textbooks donated to MacArthur Foundation’s Peter Chytia and Dartmouth Professor worth $50


 January 2010

 MacArthur Foundation would like to donate $200 as they were impressed with the work done by CWB

Project Haiti being run by Rose School students Kyle Shuff and Rishi Narayanan.

February 2010

Barbara Rose Chess Tournament had 120 participants. $ 410 donated to American Red Cross.  1200 volunteer hours provided by 10 volunteers at the tournament.

 Return visit to the Govindpuri slum schools to see Meher. She now has use of both her hands and correction of some deformity of her face. Donation of $500 made for 2 new computers and mats for the schools as the children sit on the mats during school.


Total donations through CWB worldwide                         $47,040



March 2010


Board meeting held.


Elgin Academy Chess Tournament held at EA


Mr Vladimir Pitelsky and 2006 US Champion Alex Onishuk visit the school. $200 raised for programs at EA


CWB students invited to present work with Meher at the Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier on March 12th 2010. 5 students and GM Shulman volunteer to do the presentation. The coordinator of the project was impressed and invited the students to do a workshop at the Regional Summit on May 8th. Explaining this work.


April 2010


Students from the north suburban schools visit Grove Avenue chess club

to experience learning from GM Shulman and compete in a friendly match.


April 24th 2010 hosts the Hough School Chess Tournament


100% of the proceeds are donated to charity and the chess world joins millions of volunteers around the world to serve and make a difference in the world. $2400 was raised. A textbook and chess sets donated to US Marine Steven Chartier.


Total funds donated to Meher                                                                         $14,400

Total funds donated by chess                                                                          $49,640


May 2010


20 chess students and their families are invited to the Field Museum in Chicago to present their humanitarian work over the last year for burn victim Meher.


Birthday party for Thomas Parrish donates $191 for Meher. An article was posted on the USCF web site for other students to learn of his special gesture at


TOTAL DONATIONS                                                 $49,640 + 191= $49,831



June 2010


North Barrington Chess Tournament held. $401 donated to the Kocol family whose home burned down. Tatjiana Franklin was the Project Leader. Twenty parent and student volunteers donated over 1000 hours.


Total Amount donated to charities $$49,831+ $401= $50,232


Summer Chess Camp held at BHS

$100 donated to Citizens For Conservation by Project leaders Jack Bradley and Laila Franklin


Total Amount donated $50,232+100 =  $50,332


Donation of $600 made for Chess Without Borders/Meher at the wedding of Dartmouth graduate Tanisha


Donations for Meher/CWB = 14,400+191+600= 15,191


Total amount raised $50,332+$600= $  $50,932


July 2010


July Summer Chess Camp held at BHS

$100 donated to ICA

Scholarships worth $1000 provided to needy students.


Total Amount raised $50,932 + $1000= 51,932


15 Volunteers Visit to Rehabilitation Center


August 2010


Summer Chess Camp held at Quest Academy


Summer Intern Sujit Johnston volunteers 50 hours through Chess Without Borders. His responsibilities are varied and range from teaching chess at the Rehabilitation Center weekly to acting as an Assistant tournament Director.


Article appears in the Daily Herald and USCF web site about the collaboration between chess and mental health through Chess Without Borders.


Chess Without Borders is featured on the Alexian Brothers Center for Mental health web site.


Scholarship Donations for 2 chess camps valued at $1000


September 2010


St Matthew’s Chess Tournament held in Hawthorn Woods. St Matthew’s Chess Tournament was a big success with around 80 players partici-

pating and many parents and grandparents joining us as spectators. $400

donated for a local charity from a portion of the proceeds of the tournament. Food sales $330 also donated to charity. The students at the tournament were honored to have 9-year-old Robert Said and his father Marwan Said from Amman, Jordan visit in order to plan a chess club in his school in Amman, Jordan.


Total donations $51,932+ $730= $52,662


October 2010


Photography Exhibit held at Hough Street School titled “The Art of Philanthropy through Chess” $10 donated by a visitor at the exhibit.


Grove Avenue Chess Tournament was held on Oct 23rd 2010 with 105 players competing and over 200 visitors. $390 was raised through food sales and $200 from these funds will be donated to Heifer and $190 to the Sunny Hill Chess Club.


Total Donations $52,662+10+390= $53,062 this includes


Donations For Meher/CWB= $15,191+ $10= 15,201


Dec 2010


Barbara Rose Chess Tournament held on Dec 11th 2010 raising $640 for charity through food sales. Over 10 volunteers donated time, food items and services making it possible to donate $100 to the World Food Program and $540 to the Barrington Food Pantry. Project Leaders Holly Shuff and Nina Ray presented the checks.


Total: $ 52,062+ 640 = $ 50,702


January 2011


Barrington Area Lib Home School Program begins at a discounted rate for 8 sessions.


Sunny Hill Chess Club sponsored by Sunny Hill PTO and Chess Without Borders. Total cost $1200 for a 10-week session. Ten volunteers donate their time.




Countryside Chess Tournament


On Jan 29th a tournament was held at Countryside School. A total of 98 students participated raising $565 through food sales. 10 students and adults volunteered to help raise funds. $300 was donated to CFC and $200 donated to Roots and Shoots.

Pictures are http://www.shutterfly.com/lightbox/view.sfly?fid=62be42662ae8175ec9f3edf1ebadc1fb


TOTAL DONATIONS $52,702+1200+ 565 = $54,467


Hough Street School donates $2050 for CWB/Meher


An Anonymous Donation of $1000 given for Meher


Total for CWB/Meher = $ 15,201+ $3050 = $ 18,251


TOTAL Funds raised for CWB= $54,467 +3050 = $57,517


Alexian Brothers Employees donated $ 265 for rugs for the school children at Project Why


TOTAL $57,517+ $265 = $57,782


Project Meher


Daniel Chia raises $150 through sales of items for CWB


TOTAL      $57,782+150 = $57,932 INCLUDING


Funds for CWB/Meher  $18,251+150 = $18,401



Feb 2011


Screening held at GSH with over 20 volunteers and 20 students who were hosts for the event. 67 people attended the event.


Event posted on National USCF web site at http://main.uschess.org/content/view/11074/621/


March 2011


Donation from Hough Street School for CWB/Meher $1050


Anonymous donation for CWB?Meher $1000


Donation from Dr Mittal for CWB/Meher $200


TOTAL      $57,932+2250 = $60,182 INCLUDING


Funds for CWB/Meher  $18,401+$2250= $20,651


April 2011


Hough Street School Chess tournament raises $4910

50 volunteers including 10 students

5 students receive a Presidential Volunteering Service Award


TOTAL $60,182+ $4910 = $  65,092 INCLUDING


CWB/Meher  $20,651 + 4910 = $ 25,561


April 2011


Funds Raised by Sujit Johnston $204


TOTAL $65092+ 204 = $65,296 INCLUDING

CWB/Meher  $25,561


May 2011


Chess student Eleanore Marvik van Kooy donates $400 from her birthday party money for Meher


TOTAL    $65,296+400 = $ 65,696

                        INCLUDING $ 25,561 + 400 = $25,961



May 2011


Jessica Ridgway receives $2000 in scholarship for creative volunteer work done for Meher.


Joseph Ridgway receives Presidential Volunteer Service Award for his service as a chess coach at St Matthew’s Chess Club and chess photography.


June 2011


Roslyn Chess Tournament


95 students competed raising $281 for scholarships for chess camps with 20 volunteers helping in food sales and the tournament.


Donation of textbooks and 2 chess sets to an orphanage by Rishi Narayan. Total cost of donation $100





$65,092+ $300 = $65,392 including $25,961 for Meher


June 2011


Sujit Johnston awarded $1000 for Kohl’s scholarship with a chance to win $9000 nationally.


Summer Chess Camps at Quest Academy taught by 4 GM’s


Two summer chess camps held with 120 students attending and $1000 donated in scholarships.




$65,392 + $1000 = $ 66,092 including $25,961 for Meher.


July 2011


Donation of 2 textbooks to Springfield Public School, Mi worth $46

The Phelps Center for Gifted Education will use the curriculum provided through the textbooks for their chess program.


September 12th 2011


St Matthews Chess Tournament


$721 raised for charitable programs donated to St Matthews Church and Boy Scouts programs.


Total Funds donated= $ 66,092 + 721= $ 66,813


Including $25,961 for Meher.

October 2011

Volunteer Karen Armstrong donates $100 for educational program at Project Why

GM Shulman donates $200 from summer chess camp

Volunteer Virginia Golembiewski raises $300 towards a computer at the Project Why school in India.

TOTAL: $66,813+600= $67,413

Including $25,961 for Meher.

Nov 2012
Grove Avenue Chess Tournament
119 registered players with 15 volunteers raised $375 for Smile Train.

TOTAL: $67,413 +$375=$67,788

Including $25,961 for Meher.


Dec 10th 2011
Countryside Chess Tournament Dec 10th 2011
100 players and their families helped us raise $600 for charity. Twenty volunteers served food. Alex Menikoff donated $10 from his pocket money for Meher.

TOTAL: $67,788+$600= $68,388

Including $25,961+ $10 for Meher.



Jan 2012

$325 donated by Hough Street School fund raiser.

TOTAL:  $68,388+$325= $68,713

Including $25,961+ $10 for Meher.

Feb 2012

Elgin Academy CT held at Elgin Academy. 100 players competed raising over $300 for educational programs at EA.

Feb 2012

Hough School Chess Tournament was an enormous success. 98 students played with 37 volunteers serving 800 hours to make it possible to raise $5160. Rich Ni, madison Rossi and Scott Mckellin received their Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

Total : $68,713+$5027 + $300= $74,040

Including: $25,971 + $5027 = $30,998

Barrington Courier covered the story on the cover and the documentary was updated.

April 2012

Quest Academy Chess Tournament. 100 players competed with $300 in funds raised for Quest Academy Cubs Scouts by the Helminski family .

June 9th 2012

Barbara Rose school chess tournament a success with 92 students competing and $700 raised for the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. More at http://shulmanchess.com/2012/06/rose-school-chess-tournament-a-success/

Total : $74,040+ $700+ $300 = $75,040

Including:  $30,998+$50= $31,048

Summer Chess camps 

$300 donated for creating a technology center in the Govindpuri slum school through Project Why. Recent volunteer Sujit Johnston also donated $100 towards the center.


$75,040 + $400 = $75,440

Including:  $30,998+$50= $31,048

September 2012

Documentary, A Future for Meher entered into the 2012 Elgin Film Festival

Countryside Chess Tournament:

90 students participated raising $490 for a local Illinois Charity. 20 volunteers donated time and effort.

$75,440 + 490 = $75,930

Including:  $30,998+$50= $31,048

October 2012

Barrington Area Library is displaying 3 cases of information about Chess Without Borders for the entire month.

Chess Without Borders commits $1000 to bring chess to Sunny Hill School. A chess tournament at Sunny Hill is scheduled for Jan 26th 2013

$75,930 +$1000 = $76,930

Including:  $30,998+$50= $31,048

Nov 2012

130 students compete at the Grove Avenue Chess Tournament raising $750 for donation to the Maggie Gruber Chess Center for the school in the Govindpuri slum children. 10 volunteers work a total of 100 hours to make this possible.

2 Chess Demo Boards donated to CWB affiliate chess club in Sudan Donation worth $50

Marketing Volunteers Zanders raised $50 for the Maggie Gruber Computer Center

$76,930+ $750= $$77,680+$50=$77,730

Including:  $30,998+$50= $31,048

Dec 2012

St Matthew’s Chess Tournament donates $500 for an elevator for handicapped and also raises around $500 through food sales for the church. Over 10 volunteers make this happen.

Varun Ahuja raises $120 for the Computer Center


$77,730 + 1120 = $78,850

Including:  $31,048 + $120 = $ 31, 168

Dec 2012

CWB donates $1000 for starting a chess club at Science Academy in Des Plaines

CWB donates $1000 for starting a chess club at Sunny Hill School for Title 1 students.


$78,850 + $2000 = $ 80, 850

Including:  $31,048 + $120 = $ 31, 168


Sunny Hill Chess Tournament
Feb 2nd 2013 Sunny Hill Chess Tournament raises $500 for chess supplies for Sunny Hill Chess Club. 10 volunteers donate 100 hours of service.

$ 80, 850 + $500 = $81,350

Including:  $31,048 + $120 = $ 31, 168

Hough School Chess Tournament

For the 5th year Hough Tournament donates its entire proceeds to charity. 30 individuas volunteer to raise funds. 4 students receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Parents and businesses donate items for food and auction. Mr Ni donates $1000, Mr Tichy donates $900 and Dr Zamir donates $100 for the computer center. $44,36.25 made at the tournament with an additional $500 raised by Ethan Gagliano

 $81,350 + 4436.25 +$2000 = $87,786.25

Including:  $31,048 + $ 4436.25  = $ 35,484.25

Sunny Hill Chess Club 2013

Chess Without Borders donates $2000 to host the club

Ethan Gagliano (3rd Grader from Countryside School) and  Alec Oker (6th Grader from BMS) volunteer as Coaches


 $87,786.25 + $2000= $89,786.25

INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 4436.25  = $ 35,484.25 for Project/Meher

April 2013

Volunteer Varun Pareikh markets CWB projects to the BHS Student Council raising $500 for the computer center at Project Why. The student council screened the documentary "A Future for Meher" and the 86 members voted unanimously to donate $500 towards the project.


$89,786.25 +$500 = $90,286.25

 INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 4436.25  = $ 35,484.25 for Project/Meher

April 2013 Elgin Academy Chess Tournament

76 players competed at the tournament raising $400 for programs at the school

 $90,286.25 + $400= $90, 686.25

 INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 6436.25 + $500 + $500 = $ 38,484.25 for Project/Meher
May 2013

Nadia Shulman Memorial Simul raises $1700
20 volunteers with Nadine Said receiving the PVSA
   $90, 686.25 + $1700= $92,386.25

 INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 6436.25 + $500 + $500 = $ 38,484.25 for Project/Meher

May 2013
Another Award for CWB: http://shulmanchess.com/?s=kiran+frey&searchsubmit=

August 2013

Hough Street Chess Club donates $1579.35 for developing the computer center at Project Why, India


 $92,386.25+ $1579.35 = 93,965.60

 INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 6436.25 + $500 + $500 = $ 38,484.25 for Project/Meher

Volunteer Nadine Said raises funds in Jordan

Nadine Said a junior at BHS raised funds for the computer center through another creative project. She hosted documentary screenings of “A Future for Meher” in her home in Jordan and sold DVD’s raising $180.

  93,965.60 + $180= $94,145.60
  INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 6436.25 + $500 + $500 = $ 38,484.25 for Project/Meher
Grove Avenue Chess Tournament Sept 2013 

62 students competed at a USCF rated tournament. 6 youth and 10 adult volunteers worked 200 hours together raising $325 for the Children of Uganda musical tour in the US.
$94,145.60 + 325= $94,470.60
 INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 6436.25 + $500 + $500 = $ 38,484.25 for Project/Meher

Chess Summer Camps

Summer Chess Camps for advanced players donated $300 towards the Chicago Chess Center
TOTAL FUNDS DONATED:  $94,470.60 + $300= $94,770.60
 INCLUDING:  $31,048 + $ 6436.25 + $500 + $500 = $ 38,484.25 for Project/Meher

St Annes Chess Tournament Nov 8th 2013

91 players participated  raising $400 from food sales. Ten volunteers served to donate money for scholarships for sending students to Nationals.

Billy and Jim Hoseman donate $200 from their Bar Mitwah for Meher

TOTAL FUNDS DONATED:   $94,770.60 + 400 = $95,170.60 + $200 = $95,370.60
 INCLUDING:  $ 38,484.25+ $200 = $ 38,684.25 for Project/Meher

St Matthews Chess Tournament Dec 14th 2013

70 students participated to raise around $700 for local charities. Over 15 volunteers donated their services excluding Joan and Henry Eickelbergs who worked many hours to make it an enormous success.

Dec 2013

Chess student Aadit Bennur donated $25 for project Meher during this holiday season.

Total Donations  2013

 $95,370.60+ $700 = $96,070.60
 INCLUDING:  $ 38,684.25+ $25 =$38,709.25 for Project/Meher

January 2014 

Hough School Fundraiser

Donation of $300 made to Hough Street School Fundraiser

Total Donations  Jan 2014

  $96,070.60 + $300 = $ 96,370.60
 INCLUDING:  $ 38,684.25+ $25 =$38,709.25 for Project/Meher

February 2014

Tuesday Chess Classes

$350 donated to  help rebuild tornado damaged homes in Southern Illinois

TOTAL Donations: $ 96,370.60 + $350 = $96,720.60
 INCLUDING:  $ 38,684.25+ $25 =$38,709.25 for Project/Meher

6th Annual Hough School Tournament

138 players competed with 30 volunteers raising $7000

TOTAL Donations: $96,720.60 +$7000 = $103,720.60
INCLUDING: $38709.25 + $7000 = $ 45,709.25

March 2014

Dr Ujiva donates $1000 for education programs.

April 2014
Elgin Academy Chess Tournament held with 73 players participating.
Donated $300 by EA for the MGCC and Project Meher

Ethan Gagliano donates $375 for MGCC and Project Meher

May 2014

Countryside CT
Donated $200 towards a local Chicago Chess Center
September 2014 
Grove Avenue Chess Tournament 

 Raised $600 for GM Igor Novikov as he was a teacher at several summer camps and he has lost his home in Eastern Ukraine.

TOTAL Donations:  $105,595 = $600 = $106,195.00
INCLUDING:  $ 45,709.25 + $1875 = $47,584

October 2014

North Barrington Chess Tournament
77 students competed at NBS raising $360 for Sunny Hill School chess club

TOTAL Donations:  $105,595 = $600 = $106,195.00 + $200 (Grove) + $360( NBS) = $ 106,755.00
INCLUDING:  $ 45,709.25 + $1875 = $47,584

November 2014
Volunteer Zein Bertacchi receives an Award from the Junior Women's club for her humanitarian services for CWB

Documentary produced about the Maggie Gruber Computer Center
At: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_LmPVIcPBs

YSICS donates $1000 for x Prisoner Luncheon
Karen Armstrong donates $1000 for computer center

TOTAL Donations:  $ 106,755.00 + $2000 = $ $108,755.00
INCLUDING:   $47,584+ $1000 = $48,584

January 2015

Salem Chess Tournament donates $500 to Imagine No Malaria global program

TOTAL Donations: $500+ $108,755.00 = $109,255
INCLUDING:   $47,584+ $1000 = $48,584

7th Annual Charity Tournament

138 players and 15 volunteers raised $6886.75 through registered players, food sold and raffle. A documentary on the project done by 15 students was entered in the White House Film Festival and the project was selected as a National Honor Project.
TOTAL Donations: $109,255 + $6886.75 = $116,141.75
INCLUDING:    $48,584 + $6886.75 = $55,470.75

May 15th PVSA winners hosted " An Evening in Jordan"

Fundraiser for Tornado victims of S. IL. 90 people attended with $1700 raised with 15 volunteers collaborating with Salem UMC.
$116,141.75+ $1700= $117,841.75
Meher/MGCC money $21,427.07 mailed to PW via Om Prakash Foundation July 2015 GM Shuman donates through school to the Imagine No Malaria program and X Prisoner lunchoen
 $117,841.75 + $1400.50 = $119,242.25

Documentaries produced about the humanitarian work accomplished by CWB.
Entered in several Film Festivals 2015

Affecting Lives through Service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQe0Y1FT3Co
Trailer for the above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl75RsTUAno
Maggie Gruber Computer Center: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmyDix4rvT0

September 12th 2015
Countryside Chess Tournament 
$400 raised to donate chess textbooks to under privileged schools
South Elgin HS received donation of a chess textbook and chess set

$119,242.25 + $400 = $119,642.25

 September 2015

More Chess textbooks 4 and sets donated to South Sudan chess center in Renk, South Sudan.

October 2015

$800 donated towards X prisoners Christmas Lunch

November 2015

Roslyn Chess Tournament
$365 donated towards Honors Night for Dr K and volunteers
 $119,642.25 + $800 + $365 = $120,807.25

Dec 2015 Lines School CT 
$510 donated to x prisoners Christmas luncheon
25 volunteers
$800 donated to x prisoner luncheon from chess program
TOTAL $120,807.25 + $800 +$510 = $122,117.25

Dec 2015
Visit by Ethan Gagliano and Jack Bobjioro to speak to residents.


Jan 16th 2016 Evening in India raised $2400 with 25 volunteers. 100% of proceeds donated to No Malaria Campaign and rebuilding homes in S. IL

TOTAL= $122,117.25 + $2400 = $124,577.25

Jan 18th 2016
Nursing Home visit by Mahashwaram twins

Jan 2016
Countryside Chess Tournament raises $438.75 for Boys and Girls club in Elgin

TOTAL = $124,577.25 + $438.75 = $125,016.00

Feb 2016 
Roslyn School CT raises $400 for No Malaria Program
$125,016.00 + $400 = $125,416.00

April 2016
Grove Avenue Charity Chess Tournament raises $4400 for Meher/MGCC
$125,416.00 + $4400 = $129,816.00

CWB wins highest award from the White House Points of Light White House Program

May 2016
Elgin Academy Chess Tournament raises $425 for education fund for Coach Sevan Muradian who died leaving 2 young children

TOTAL= $129,816.00 + $425 = $130,241.00

July 2016
Donated $400 to charity in Dominican Republic schools

$130,241.00+ $400= $130,641.00

Sept 2016

Quest Academy Chess Tournament raised $400 for professional newsletter for CWB

$130,641.00 + $375 = $131,016

Quest Academy CT Dec 2016
raised $468 for non profit web site
Total $131,016 + $468 = $131,484

Dec 2016

10 chess sets and textbook donated to start a chess center in a refuge school in Amman, Jordan by Nabeel Rasheed

Jan 2017

UN Evening Honoring our Delegates
In collaboration with Salem UMC CWB held a fundraiser for prevention of human trafficking and rebuilding homes in IL. $2000 raised

$131,484 + $2000 = $133,484

 Feb 12th 2017
Quest Academy Tournamnet
Raises $407 for Albino project in Tanzania

Total = $133,484 + 407 = $133,891
April 9th 2017
Grove Avenue Chess Tournament
Donates $1248 to Meher/MGCC
Total $1248+ $133,891= $135,139

May 20th 2017
Salem Chess Tournament
Raised $500 for x prisoner luncheon
Total $135,139+ $500 = $135,639

Won Doctors Without Borders Film Festival

May 2017
Volunteer Nabeel Rashid raised $400 for Human Trafficking

June 2017
Volunteer Nina Sethi donates $500 to Meher and MGCC at PW

$135,639 + $400 + $ 500 = $136,539

Sept 2017 
Quest CT raises $400 for Hurricane Irma and Harvey 

Oct 2017
$4070 total donations made to x Prisoners lunch held for the last 3 years in Chicago

TOTAL= $136,539 + 400 + 4070 = $141,009

October 2017
CT at Grove Avenue School raises $420 for Rohingya Refugees and x prisoner lunch

TOTAL= $141,009 + $$20 + $141,429

Nov 2017

Ethan Gagliano wins the Seven Memorial Tournament and donates $100 to Meher/MGCC

Dec 2017
Countryside CT raises $391

$141,429 + $491 = $141,920

$5000 grant award from Ascension used for chess programs at Riveredge Psychiatric Hospital and Sunny Hill school


$10,000 grant award from Exelon 

Jan 2018 Roslyn School CT raised $390 for outerwear for Sunny Hill school

$141,920 + $15,000 + $390 = $157,310

Margo Clark Memorial Chess Tournament

Raised $1202 from food sales and donations and $1500 from registration
Donated amount$2702

TOTAL= $157,310+ $2702 = $160,012

Grants from Ascension and Exelon funded Chess Clubs at Sunny Hill School, Boys and Girls clubs in Austin, Tx (lead volunteer Vishal Ahuja), and Boys and Girls club in Elgin,(Lead 
volunteer Stephen Zhu), Riveredge Psychiatric Hospital (Teacher Peter Wulff), 10 chess sets and 10 textbooks donated to 2 Sunny Hill chess students who taught chess in Uganda through volunteer Divine Mugerwa and Danila, 20 Chess sets and 10 textbooks donated to Refuge camps in Jordan for children of Syrian refuges and 10 chess sets and 10 books donated to an educational program for children of migrants at Ann Arbor Methodist Church in Saline, Ann Arbor.

October 2018
Artist Exhibition raised $500 for artist Robert Kezelis. Donated $100 for the x prisoner luncheon

November 2018
Grove Avenue Chess Tournament raised $468 towards sponsoring an x prisoner Christmas luncheon in Chicago.

November 2018
Prathik Kandimalla donated $150 towards the computer center in India through his company at the Margo Clark program

Total 160,012+$468+ $100+ $150 = $160,730
January 2019
Roslyn Chess Tournament raises 4172 through food sales and Youth social companies Ethan raises another $170 and Pranav and Prashanth raise $200 for Meher/MGCC

TOTAL= $160,730+ $542= $161,272

CWB donates 5 textbooks and 5 chess sets to a school in Madras India

Feb 2019
Grove Ave Chess Tournament raises $1952 for Meher/MGCC

$161,272+$1952 = $163,224

April 2019
Quest Academy Tournament raised $286 for School in Madurai, India that educates children of refuges.

 $163,224+ $286= $163,510

May 2019

$150 raised from Summer Chess Camps donated to school for refuge children in Madurai, India.

July 2019

$2880 raised to run a school for children of day laborers in Delhi India named after Peter Wulff, our chess volunteer who was working at Riveredge Hospital to start a pilot program that uses chess as a therapeutic tool for disturbed youth.

$163,510 + $2880 = $166,390

September 2019
Peter Wulff Chess Tournament
$575 raised

$166,390 + $3755 = $170,145

Nov 2019
Grove Avenue Chess Tournament
Raised $300 for the x prisoner luncheon
CWB also donated another $500 for the lunch
total= $800

TOTAL- $800 + $ 7672 raised for the Peter Wulff School= $8472

TOTAL raised so far $8472 + $170,145 = $178,617

January 2020
Raised $1000 for Peter Wulff School through service

Februray 2020

Donated 5 chess sets for an underprivileged school in Kansas through Volunteer Nabeel Rashid 

$178,617 + $1000 = $179,617

Donation $5000 Dr Frey for Meher/MGCC

TOTAL= $179,617+ $5000= $184,617

October 2020

Ex-prisoner luncheon Donation $900

TOTAL: $184,617+ $900 = $185,517

Nov 2020

$200 donated for x prisoner lunch by Ethan Gagliano and Prashanth ramachandra

TOTAL= $185,517+ $200 = $185,717

March 2021

Donation made to Peter Wulff School $239
TOTAL= $185,717+ $239 = $185,956

Donation from Prashanth Ramachandra $120 and $150 from Bob Wulff for the Peter Wulff School and $150 from Bob Wulff = $270
TOTAL=  $185,956 + $270 = $186,226

Donations made by donor to Meher/Maggie Gruber Computer Center $5000
and to Peter Wulf School $238
TOTAL= $191,564.00
Donations of 10,000 KN95 masks made by Chao Ding and Zonroung Zwang for CWB
Distributed to District 220 schools, Food Pantry in Chicago and Fire Department in Barrington
Gift worth $10,000

TOTAL= $191,564.00 + $10,000 = $201,564.00

 November 2021,

Service project for ex prisoners. $700  donation. Leaders of the project: Prashant, Palash and Ethan.
TOTAL= $201,564.00 + $700= $202,264.

We have raised $3996 for 2 long term projects. The work was done by Ethan Gagliano, Prashant Ramachandra and Anthony Zhu and the rest of the funds were matched by a donor.
We also were honored to have renowned artist Mort Luby help CWB to raise funds by opening up his private gallery to our guests at $10 per head. He has generously given us other dates to allow more visitors at $10 per head with ALL proceeds going towards charities we support.
Spring 2022

$202,264 + $3996.00 = $206,260 Spring 2022 $206,620 + $2000 = $208,260

 Supported BHS team to participate in Nationals. 

 BHS team took 6th place.
$ 5000 Donation made for Meher/MG computer Center.
$208,620 + $5000 = $213,260

 July 2022 

Chess and Art Exhibition at White House, Barrington (M. Luby artwork) raised $2000

July – Barrington White House – $250
September 10 – raised $1250 at Joan Eickelberg memorial chess tournament to donate to Refugee Service center,

$215,2600 + $1500 = $216, 760

December 10th - raised $600 for ex-prisoners lunch.

January 2023
National Mentor Award for Zein Bertacchi
$200 raised for Ukrainian Fund "Help Today"
March 2023
Raised $1000 at Grove Chess tournament for the Salem Church fundraising trip to South Korea
$217,960 + $1000= $218,960
May 2023 

Raised $480 at Roslyn Chess tournament for The Maggie Deiss Nursing Scholarship Fund.$218,960+$480=$219,440

$1000 raised at dinner hosted by Chess W/B at Salem Church and $500 raised from cooking and chess by Zein Bertacci

September 2023
$500 raised at Grove Chess tournament for an animal shelter.
Total donations:























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