Puzzle Contest


We have a new puzzle contest! We will post two puzzles here every day from Monday-Friday. Please either submit the puzzles using the form below each puzzle or hand your results in at chess club. If you cannot notate, feel free to print out the puzzles and draw arrows, but otherwise you must notate your answers to get credit! At the end of each chess session, trophies will be given to winners.

Puzzles will be scored as follows:

  • 3 points for a correct answer; 1 point for just answering.
  • 1 bonus point for student who hands in an answers within 14 days after puzzles are posted will receive a bonus point! Otherwise, Puzzles can be handed in at any time.

That means by just attempting to solve a puzzle you will receive two points, and if you answer a puzzle correctly you will get five points! Some of these puzzles may be challenging, but that is OK! Solving puzzles is one of the best ways to improve your chess.

Each puzzle costs 10 cents, please pay using MuCash. MuCash is a micropayment platform that enables small transactions online. To use MuCash, just click on the read more button at the end of each post, load your account and purchase the puzzle. Once you have loaded an account, you will be able to buy more puzzles. You can use MuCash all over the web, and you can also use money in your account to donate to one of our various charitable programs. For more information about MuCash, click here.

Right now we have a special promotion. The first 50 people to register with MuCash get $2.00 free and can solve 20 free puzzles! Click on the button to get $2.00 free!

Puzzles for:

Lancelots (players rated 1000+)
Dragons (players rated around 600-1000)
Knights (players who have studied chess with us for 1-3 semesters and who have a rating of around 100-500)
Squires (players who have just began studying chess)

Please contact us with any feedback about this contest.

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