Welcome to our chess program that combines education with service

and philanthropy opening a world of opportunities for students

through becoming active learners by creating projects.

This newsletter shares the many creative projects undertaken by

students and the awards and honors won by our chess community.

Introducing the Chess Coach Certification program

Students who learn chess and complete the textbook written by GM

Shulman will be awarded a certificate. The book is available in both hard

copy or through the Apple ibooks at:!-lessons-from-grandmaster/


Each student who completes this textbook develops a skill and a Chess

Certificate honors the hard work, initiative and mastery of this skill level.

GM Shulman who is also the 2008 US

Chess Champion signs the award

certificate. In order to inspire students

to become service learners while also

acquiring a skill we asked students to

volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours in

order to qualify for this award.

Next Tournament is at St Anne’s in Barrington on 9th


Regular tournaments allow students to challenge themselves,

increase their USCF rating as well as fulfill the mission of the

program. We donated $325 to bring Children of Uganda’s musical

program to the US. All proceeds from the St Anne’s tournament

will go towards sending deserving students to the National Chess

Tournament. Registration forms for the tournament are available at:

December Group Lessons to be held at Salem United

Methodist Church

Address of the new location is 115 West Lincoln Avenue, Barrington.

Mini camps will be held at this new location.


We are proud of our students who volunteer either through existing

projects or by creating their own projects. We write recommendation

letters and share news of their project in local and national


The following students have done a variety of service projects:

• Chess teachers Peter Abrahamson, Ethan Gagliano,

Richard Ni and Nadine Said taught at chess clubs last school


• Richard Ni BHS Junior attended the UN Youth Assembly

in New York representing Chess Without Borders. Once our

students turn 16 years old they qualify to attend this prestigious

Assembly because of the long-standing projects conducted

through CWB. More at:

• Nadine Said created a Documentary Screening project for

the documentary, “A Future for Meher” and raised $180 for the

Maggie Gruber Computer Center in India.

• Millen Srivastava did a documentary screening for MGCC

at the Student Council at BHS and 80 students watched the

documentary and unanimously voted to donate $500 for the

Maggie Gruber Computer Center.

• $50 donated by Aidan and Zander Kitchen through

selling DVD’s of the documentary.


• We follow the tradition of supporting both local and international

charities at our tournaments where 100% of the proceeds from

food sold. Our long-term sustained projects have won awards/

honors/scholarships/college admissions for students.

• Meher Hough School Tournament raised $4436.25 for

educating Meher and $2000 for Maggie Gruber Chess Center.

• $500 raised by BHS Student Council

• Hough School Chess Club donated $1579.35 for the MGCC.

• Donation made to Chicago Chess Center of $300 from the

chess camps and Dr Kiran Frey.

• Scholarships worth $1000 donated for Sunny Hill Chess Club

run by Ethan Gagliano and Alec Onker and adult

volunteers along with GM Shulman and other

chess teachers.

• $1700 donated to the Hurricane Sandy rescue team from

Barrington through a Simultaneous Chess Tournament held

at the Salem Church in Barrington. GM Alex Goldin and IM

Viktoria Ni also volunteered along with GM Shulman to play 60

players simultaneously.

• Zein Bertacchi, an eternal

volunteer for Chess since its

inception will be catering

meals for people. She will

donate 20% of all proceeds

towards the Maggie Gruber

Computer Center bringing

education and computer

literacy to over 200 families from the lowest class of people.

Please visit for more information.

Together we have donated $95,070.60 and this amount includes

$38,484.25 for Meher’s education and plastic surgery.

Our program and many students have won awards/honors and

recognition for this work.


International News

The World Championship match between Vishy Anand and Magnus

Carlsen is two and a half weeks away. As was announced by FIDE,

the Candidates Tournament that will provide next year’s challenger

will be held 12-30 March 2014 in Khanty-Mansiysk, the Siberian city

that hosted several World Cups and an Olympiad before.

National news

GM Shulman ties for 1st

Opening soon:

Be sure to visit our Chess Photography Exhibit at Barrington Bank

celebrating our mission of education, service and philanthropy.

place at the Midwest Class Championships.

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