Summer chess camps are a powerhouse for building knowledge, skills and philanthropy. Quest Academy hosted summer camps with world class grandmasters, Anna Sharevich, Alex Onishuk and Yury Shulman. Students had a chance to interact and learn in small groups from them. These grandmasters have competed in world class events and sharing their experiences of losses and triumphs helps students build a deeper understanding into the rich world of chess. In addition, $300 was donated towards establishing a technology center at the Govindpuri slum school in Delhi, India. This is a rare opportunity where students are able to actively engage in helping other students through learning.

Picture of GM Onishuk teaching at Quest Academy June 2012

Recently Sujit Johnston, who had volunteered last year at Quest Academy visited the Govindpuri slum school in India donating $100. These donations will allow the purchase of a new computer according to the Director at project Why Ms Anou Bakshi. We are delighted to make things happen through education.

Students in school at the Govindpuri slum school in Delhi, India.

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