This is the 9th year of BHS hosting the world class chess camp. The camp is nationally well known for its ability to attract world class international players like GM Alex Onischuk. GM Onischuk is ranked in the top 20 players in the world and he is an outstanding chess teacher. Taraq and Zaed Hallak who are living in Montreal, Canada  came to the camp to learn from him after they heard he was teaching there. They were excited about learning chess and watching students like them notate their games. They are determined to return to Canada and start competing in chess tournaments.


Picture of Zaed and Taraq on the right playing a match with students from the camp.

The chess camps began in 2004 as the population of chess players grew exponentially since 1999 when chess was started in the Barrington area. GM Shulman relocated to the area in 2005 co-founding Chess Without Borders with Rishi Sethi. District 220 schools and parents supported the program which uniquely combined chess education and philanthropy since its inception. GM Shulman continued to uphold the tradition of the program and today over $75,000 has been donated to various charities locally around the world. The program has won several awards and students who volunteer win scholarships/honors and awards for their contribution.

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